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Perfect Snacks 15 minutes or Less

Three easy delish to impress your peeps..

  1. Crescent rolls with seams pushed together top with herbs and cream cheese and any veggies. Leave an edge and drench with olive oil to crisp up. Cook per directions. Cut bars or create a sweet alternative with jams and cream cheese.

2. Brownie batter in a ramekin add dollop of peanut butter top with more brownie batter. I like to add sea salt and brown sugar to get a crunch on top. the PB gets gooey like lava cake and will blow your mind!. These bake of in about 15-20min.

3. A Char/ Cheese board makes everyone happy. Along with meats and cheeses you can add delightful items like honey comb, pickled items, fresh peppers, figs, preserves and olives.


Meal Prep Weekend Warrior Style

Two days one trip to grocery store, one trip to the Farmers Market. Cook chicken in the crock pot,  season and use it 2 ways. Make multiples to freeze. Prep all the veggies you won’t eat in the next couple days.
IMG_20141028_09333320141019_134044IMG_20141019_143521  Had to make room in the freezer so a little chili and frozen corn thrown together makes this way tasty! Used the frozen bananas for banana bread  and frozen breakfast action below. Fresh blueberries from Farmer’s Market make for delish muffins on the go.IMG_20140917_205757PhotoGrid_141109286146420140915_22083420140824_143343