Stretch your dollar even freeze for next Season. This was purchased with flat for $2 bruised tomatoes, peppers and onions. No problem that will make 2+ gallons of marinara!*Recipes for you* This day I also bought kale and garlic for kale chips. They didn’t even cool I ate them all warm! I also love guacamole and Pico on everything, especially eggs for breakfast.



For kale chips set oven to my magic 365F. Tear the leaves from stems into 2 bite pieces. Drizzle with olive oil and toss with garlic. I used fresh minced because it’s great for your immune system but you can use dried after baking oR garlic salt just omit season salt.


Bake for 10- 15min. I toss with a wooden spoon at 5min. You want them crisp not brown. Finish with Tony’s or season salt.




 Simmer tomatoes halved in olive oil. Use cooking liquid just until you can see below top layer of tomatoes they will cook down. You can use chicken stock or water used here. I added dried oregano, salt, pepper, fresh basil, garlic and onion. I generally add a splash of red wine at some point and finish with a pad of butter. Use the hand blender if you have one or dump into regular blender a portion at a time. Add the pad of butter and corn starch slurry after blending. I let this simmer Low for anywhere from 3-8hours and clean the house. I let it rest completely and then bag it directly into gallon zipper bags to freeze flat on a cookie sheet for later which I date and title.



Bolognese Sauce

Brown 1-2lbs ground chuck, add peppers, onions, salt and pepper. Drain any remaining grease. Add desired amount of basic marinara. Usually 2-4c.



Garden Veggie

  Add 1c diced veg to 2c basic marinara.

Perfect Parmesan

Take basic marinara add dried Italian and ¼c Parmesan Reggiano


Meat, veg cheese oh yes my fave!

— Sorry some of the pics are blurry from steam mmmmm…—