Ultimate Panzanella Salad

This has to be my favorite salad by far! I got the recipe from Gma Judy and morphed it a bit. Take stale bread cube and drizzle with olive oil. Toast under 365 F 5-10 min watch carefully turning to brown evenly. This won’t take long. Set aside to cool. Dice tomatoes, green peppers and julienne some fresh basil. Add all ingredients to a large bowl with bocconcini or pieces of fresh mozzarella. I then drizzle over all with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Toss together. Add course salt and fresh cracked pepper. Cover and refrigerate until you want to eat. It only gets better as it sits.


I did this version with oven roasted zucchini and garlic. Browned with olive oil, salt and pepper then broiled about 6 min.


I broiled the steaks simply the same way 4-8 min on each side. The taters were in the microwave first then quartered and tossed in the oven for a few with butter on the steak pan. The finished meal looked like I slaved for hours and was restaurant quality if I do say so.