Garage Sale steals add a punch and bring this guest bedroom together. I was feeling a rustic Carolina coastline vibe. Craving these trendy blues with vintage whites here is the result.

I purchased this very 70’s lamp/ table at a sale for $5, $6 spray paint and a lamp shade on clearance from target to bring it totally up to date. After 2 coats of paint and some sanding to antique I was smitten. All total I would say around $15 for my “new” bedside table and a perfect reading lamp I might add!


I found a wicker dresser with awesome bones! This item came with two other tables which I resold to help pay for the dresser; making it $7 which was great because I decided to coat it completely inside and out with Kilz. If you ever have a problem with mild mold, mildew, stains or odors just use this as a primer.

After scrubbing it throughout with bleach, Dawn and H2O mix. I gave it two coats and some extra on the top. It had been kept in a garage there was moisture and maybe mouse potential hence the overkill. But, after adding that Kilz it was a whole new world. I decided to punch it up with another Sea foam blue and copper footings.




What a lucky lady I am to have a bud that was willing to kick this down for free. I love that it was ornate with spindles and it happened to be the right size for our guest bed. I wanted this white washed and extremely wear worn so as to look like it was near the sea for years. I bought a bed frame from an online resale group for $10.

What I had remaining from my can of Kilz from the dresser I just added water to extend. You will be surprised I got 4 projects out of this 1 can!!! Which is great because it’s around $25. I used this washed out version on a free dining set redo to tie the beach theme to other rooms in the home. And even on a bench outside.