Complete Crock Pot meal with tender Pork Loin Entree. Two sides include hash brown casserole and loaded mac ‘n’ cheese. So convenient and complete with Farmer’s Market veggies!

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1) Chopped Turnip, potato and 1 apple. Chop and lay in the bottom as a delicious bed of aromatic root veggies.

2) Place pork loin on top. I used a peppered loin, they were buy one get one plus coupon.

3) I like to add a full can of any carbonated beverage. I believe dark is best to tenderize meet. I used the vanilla because I wanted to do sweet spicy with the apple bits. It was to die for!

4) I set the big Crock Pot on High for two hours, then on Low for four hours when I left.




1)  For smaller crock pot sides precook about 2 cups of pasta. I used shells cooked only until chewy. Dice ham for loaded mac. I also added pre- diced green peppers and frozen peas. I hide veggies in everything shhh…

2) Once all goodies are loaded add your fave Alfredo or cheese sauce. This extra moisture will finish cooking your pasta and meld all the flavors Yum!. Stir and set on low for 4 hours.

3) For hash brown casserole add two cups thawed shredded potatoes. 1/2 to a whole cup of sour cream. One cup shredded cheese and one egg as binder. Stir ingredients. ( You can also use half can condensed soup and 1/2 cup sour cream)

4) Season to taste and set on low for four hours. When you get back everything should be ready! Hope you enjoy this one I’d love to see/ post your Crock Pot ideas and feedback.


I saved extra diced ham for later.