Had a lot of requests and curiosity lately involving my true love, floral. If you are timid about floral this is a great place to start!

Faux flowers can be easily manipulated, bent, cut and made in advance.  You can select blooms in the same color family or with contrasting to pop. Try experimenting with texture.

In general you will want your blooms to be up to two times the height of your vase. Using Odd numbers or diamond  groupings will help to fully display and fill out the blooms. You can also do an asymmetrical or one-sided display.

Try bending blooms towards you and other directions. Begin with a focal flower in the center. Use odd numbers of blooms. Use darker colors and largest blooms toward the bottom. Allow the flowers to blend into lighter tones if you’re using multiple colors.

You can use greenery to help hold your stems or you can create the bouquet in your hand then drop into the vase. You can hold it next to vase then trim stems before placing in vase. This is also true of fresh flowers!

Get crazy with stones, shells or sand in the bottom. These can also help you stabilize when building in a vase and will help keep the flowers from shifting if you move them around or transport for an event.

Also try wiring or hot gluing on wreaths or hair clips. They are so versatile! Make amazing gifts like a wreath for Mother’s Day.

Check out more pics of handmade silk ideas below. You can jump on links to my Facebook site and take a peek at the fresh ones too!

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