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Easy Brown Rice Bowls And Fruit Salad

Easy Brown Rice Bowls And Fruit Salad



Brown Rice “Bowl Mixture

1 roll Chorizo

½ can black beans

1c frozen corn

2c brown rice (following directions for liquid and cooking time)

Begin by browning Chorizo.  Once meat mixture is fully cooked add veggies. Do not add any extra seasoning; trust me on this, unless you decide to add more rice. I also like finely chopped cilantro!

Do not cook through add in rice. Add appropriate amount of water cook as per rice cooking instructions cook all mixture. Stir and serve topped with shredded cheese and lettuce. I also like the light sour cream or greek yogurt.


Fruit Salad

2-4c fresh seasonal fruit

1-2TBS honey

¼-1/2tsp lime zest

Add any fresh chopped fruit in season. Drizzle with honey and sprinkle with lime zest. Toss lightly let set or refrigerate until time to serve.



Easy No Sew Pillow Covers From Old Sweater

11-1-2013 003

I grabbed old pillows around the house. Began by putting the sweater on the pillow to see how I wanted the pattern and texture to run. Then I turned the sweater inside out and put it back on cutting off sleeves and in this case a turtle neck. Leaving a bit of overhang for fabric glue. Take the rough edges and while sweater is still inside out use fabric glue to glue between rough edges. Press and let set up as per packaged directions.


I also glued a piece of lace over seam and as a peekaboo along the bottom.


After turning sweater the front side out, as though you were wearing it, and putting it back on the pillow. I decided to use the same lace to weave the top for a rustic finish. Then I took multiple lace trim pieces and tied them all together at the closure for a whimsical bow. You could use yarn, ribbon or burlap and do the same or secure and add other embellishments like buttons!