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Fast Rustic Napkin Holders

11-1-2013 027

Choose your materials trim to size with a bit of overlap. You can stitch for a more permanent option but, for my Thanksgiving purposes I just used glue. Instant gratification 🙂

11-1-2013 02811-1-2013 029

I chose some vintage trim and lace for a shabby chic look. I chose some fall embellishments for the Season. For Christmas you could use an ornament or mittens whatever your occasion requires.

To do this simple raffia bow, begin by wrapping in a figure eight around fingers shown below. This will give you a fluffy bow later.

11-1-2013 031

Then tie off with double square knot in the middle and secure to your ribbon trim.

11-1-2013 036

In order to glue lace together hold away from cloth napkin.

11-1-2013 040

Mix and match or match them all! Have fun! I hope I  gave you some ideas for your trim scraps. You can incorporate right into you table decorations.

Here are some examples.





Fast Chair re-do




Tools: Staple Gun / Flathead/ Hammer
Tools: Staple Gun / Flathead/ Hammer

2012-09-14_20-30-24_364After removing seat from frame with screwdriver or drill. Start by pulling front and back and sides of new fabric taught. You can do it right over the old! Once you have your four staples in center of each edge through fabric you can work on corners. It is much easier to wrap the corners when using a fabric with a bit of stretch. Just don’t pull too snug on the first step!2012-09-14_20-20-19_982A stretchy upholstery fabric is best however this is my third redo so I tried a leather- like material to match my new wall color. If you try a more structured fabric simply tuck edges and overlap center fold as though you were wrapping a package. You would then double check the look on the front-side and staple the edge you would be taping on your package. Double check for any puckers and secure as needed then reattach to your seat frame. Viola

Easy Pumpkin Cake

11-1-2013 015This recipes is so easy it will blow your mind!

Yellow cake mix or you can use spice.

1 15oz can of pumpkin

3 eggs

When it is mostly baked which will likely take longer then the directions state. Just cook per box directions and check with toothpick. I then topped with marshmallows to toast for dessert. This could just as simply be a fast coffee cake with an oat crumb on top or cinnamon and sugar. Enjoy!


Or mix it up and gift it using Marble Cake Mix. I would still add your pumpkin spice to the yellow cake with pumpkin and then swirl in chocolate mixture. I add pumpkin before I split it’s up to you!

A Trick to make beads slide right out- Before baking use a paper towel with vegetable oil dabbed on it a smear towel especially in corners. When slightly coated with the shine add a dab of flour. Now tap and tip container side to side to stick to oil. Knock out excess flour and fill with your bread! Or in our case cake shhhh..  Makes It so fast and easy to pop out on cooling rack and continue baking. Especially when making multiples for gifting around Holidays!!