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Old to New Modern Frames for the Man Cave

For high impact low budget here are some garage sale reloved frames. Spray paint is your inexpensive best friend when it comes to unifying items for drama. I love the hammered metal finish paints as they hide flaws in a single coat. I grabbed a mix of frames and chose black paint.

Starts thrifty

Starts thrifty

Finished good as new!

Finished good as new!

After removing the glass I numbered the frames and matching backing with glass to match later. After frames had been sprayed and fully dried. We chose the prints and pics to mesh with similar colors and genres. We chose to group them when hanging.


New new baby cake

New new baby cake

Receiving blankets wrap boxes full of new baby items. Booties and ribbon bows to accent. Cubes and boxes are challenging to wrap. I will make a basic ribbon bow and single layer diaper cake how-to available soon!

   Had some r…

Had some requests to post on all the crazy creative goodies that I find to keep myself occupied. I thought maybe I’d mix it with my love of renewing life into “old goodies” and making them “good as new”, so here we are. Thank you for your interest. I will try to make all kinds of new goodies and how-to’s available for other crafty and curious people. Please feel free to comment and attach pics or email anytime!

Jewelry making has been a passion since second grade and friendship bracelets!